Getting rid of fossil fuel uses that make us miserable

Subsidized driving and the burden of climate change

Phil Romans via Flickr, made available under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

A bizarre 2020 should make us rethink our transportation priorities

Salem Parkway, North Carolina, User Breawycker via Wikipedia Commons, Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0

Why the states still matter on climate change

Bicycling toward a better future post-COVID

Mural along the Neponset River Greenway, Dorchester, MA. Photo by the author.

Mission creep in a key Fed rescue program threatens public trust

FirstEnergy Stadium is home to football’s Cleveland Browns. FirstEnergy is one of hundreds of Fortune 1000 businesses that meet the criteria for the Federal Reserve’s “Main Street” lending program. Credit: Erik Drost, CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

On what to keep and what to leave behind after COVID

(Photo by the author)

Vehicle travel during COVID-19 and what comes next

The Highway Lobby wants to spend billions of dollars to prop up a failed approach to transportation. That’s a bad idea.

Credit: Trong Nguyen, Shutterstock

Tony Dutzik

Associate director/senior policy analyst @ Frontier Group focused on energy, transport & climate policy.

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