A critical moment for America and the climate is even more important than you might think

America and the world have reached a moment where previously unthinkable changes in our economy, public policy and lives have become necessary.

Without immediate and dramatic cuts in carbon pollution, we will find ourselves in a dangerous and increasingly uninhabitable world. Plastic trash in the ocean and the destruction of…

Building a better future when everyone wants everything now

“Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death” was the title of a compilation album put out by late 70s/early 80s punk provocateurs Dead Kennedys. The band’s penchant for pushing every societal button it could get its hands on didn’t always agree with me, but the title of that record raised…

Subsidized driving and the burden of climate change

To a resident of Bangladesh or Haiti or other largely poor countries ravaged by climate change, the recent debate over charging Americans an extra penny or two for every mile they drive must have seemed strange.

The debate was kicked off earlier this spring when Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg…

A bizarre 2020 should make us rethink our transportation priorities

When COVID-19 shutdowns began a year ago, rush-hour traffic evaporated from America’s highways.

Thanks to new data from the Federal Highway Administration, we now know just how many cars vanished from the roads. Americans drove 13.2 percent fewer miles in 2020 than the year before. …

Tony Dutzik

Associate director/senior policy analyst @ Frontier Group focused on energy, transport & climate policy. http://www.frontiergroup.org

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