• Dave Wesely

    Dave Wesely

    Farm raised, Photographer, Computer tech, ENTP. Trying to see the big picture in what our future holds.

  • Tom White

    Tom White

  • Anthony LaMesa

    Anthony LaMesa

    Some thoughts on reopening America’s public schools.

  • John Kaweske

    John Kaweske

    John Kaweske is a Colorado Springs-based entrepreneur focused on sustainability, biotechnology, and renewable energy. http://johnkaweske.org

  • Smart Commute CY

    Smart Commute CY

    Promoting Choices, Creating Change. We are dedicated to reducing single occupant vehicle travel. Carpool - Transit - Bike - Walk - Telework.

  • Gregor Macdonald

    Gregor Macdonald

    Energy and Economics | www.gregor.us

  • Elizabeth Ridlington

    Elizabeth Ridlington

    Senior policy analyst with Frontier Group. Focused on fracking, climate, health care costs, biking.

  • gabe klein

    gabe klein

    Author #StartUpCity | Urbanist | Entrepreneur | Partner —@TeamCityFi | @Fontinalis_FP | Former: Chief @DDOTDC @ChicagoDot & VP@Zipcar http://bit.ly/Get_myBook

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